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A Few Words From the Managers

A Word from the President

Mariève Beaucage, whose name certainly isn’t unknown in the region, has a plan for Kia Sherbrooke: “My vision is anchored on high-quality customer service.” This is how she plans to strengthen and reinforce her dealership going forward.

Mariève is actually the daughter of the Beaucage Group’s president, Daniel Beaucage. Having grown up in the automotive world, she’s certainly no stranger to its ins and outs.

In 2003, she made the decision to follow in her father’s footsteps, earning a bachelor’s degree specialising in the automotive business in Florida – the only program of its kind in North America. After finishing her B.A. in 2007, she successfully applied for a work visa in the United States and was subsequently employed by Mazda. At only 24 years old, she found herself at the helm of multiple dealerships, spanning 14 different states. Upon returning to Canada, she was offered a job as a district director at Kia Canada. After her first child was born in 2013, she decided to return to Quebec and rejoin the family business. In 2015, she officially became the general manager of Kia Sherbrooke after the grand opening of Occasion Beaucage in Sherbrooke.

In the coming years, she hopes to continue to grow Kia Sherbrooke into a dealership that’s well known for its fantastic commitment to customer service. With her years of experience in the auto industry, Mariève Beaucage has a lot to give to Kia Sherbrooke as well as the entire Beaucage Group.

Mariève Beaucage

General Manager

A Word From the Vice President

The successful philosophy of Philippe Marcotte, General Manager and Co-Owner of Kia Magog, Mazda Magog and Mazda Sherbrooke, is, “You can’t become number 1 alone.”

It’s with perseverance, hard work and his strong team that he demonstrated his outstanding leadership. Philippe Marcotte used imagination and creativity to build a new dealership out of the ashes of the old Chevrolet Beaucage. Today, Kia Magog, Mazda Magog and Mazda Sherbrooke are expanding in sales and vehicles at their dealerships.

At 24 years old only, Philippe embarked on an adventure of a lifetime by joining the automotive world. His previous job, a guide for hunting and fishing in Northern Quebec, was worlds apart. Between two of his hunting trips, he paid a visit to his cousin in Sherbrooke. That visit is when Philippe started his new adventure into the automotive industry.

“I never would have imagined finding myself in the automotive field. I wasn’t happy where I was working, but I met the owner of the old Chevrolet Beaucage and that’s where I got my start. The risk was big, but it was worth it.” With a newborn in tow, Philippe changed his life to become an automotive representative. He was successful from his first week.

He quickly climbed the corporate ladder and soon Daniel Beaucage promoted Philippe Marcotte to General Manager, but to do so he first sent him to Washington to complete an automotive management training program. Philippe’s dedication and hard work is reflected in the month before his training started.  He had no experience in accounting and he did not speak English. By the time the training began, however, he had mastered the basic concepts of accounting and he was quite comfortable speaking in English. This metamorphosis marked the end of the Chevrolet franchise, and the beginning of the new Mazda Sherbrooke. These days, Philippe Marcotte is not only the General Manager -- he also became the Co-Owner of two Kia dealerships in Magog and also of Mazda Sherbooke, all of which are a part of Beaucage Group.

“Customers are welcomed into Kia Magog, Mazda Magog and Mazda Sherbrooke as if it were my own home. It’s my values that they see when they meet my teams. I chose my team for their values and their skills. I want us to have fun together and the success will always be from a team effort. My goal is that we are a family and a business.

Philippe Marcotte

Vice President